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yog asanas
Gomukhasana - Provides good stretching exercises to all muscles of limbs and the trunk.
Ardha Matsyendra Asana - Good stretching exercises for thighs, lower-back and spine (vertebral column).
Matsya-asana- Good exercise for muscles of abdomen and throat.
Matsya asana without padmasana- Exercises for muscles of thighs, abdomen and throat.
Uttanamanduka Asana- Stretching exercises to legs, perineum, pelvic region, sides of trunk and the arms.
Bhujangasana- Stretching exercise to muscles of neck, back and trunk. Useful for kidneys, liver ovaries, uterus, lungs, heart and thyroid functioning.
Dhanurasana- Provides good stretching exercises for abdominal muscles, lower back and thighs.
Siddhasana- An exercises for abdominal breathing helps to remove large amount of carbon dioxide from the body, increases capacity to hold the breath.
Padma Asana- Provides excellent massage for abdominal organs, stimulates digestion, improves circulation, calms the heart.
Bhadraasana- Good stretching exercise for perineum, thighs, pelvis, abdomen and neck.
Tadgimudra- It’s a good breathing exercise.
Chakra Asana- This provides good stretching exercise to the limbs and the trunk and lower back.
Garuda Asana- Good exercises for joints, makes the joints supple.
Paschimottana asana- Exercises to the muscles of back, and abdomen, helps to reduce fat accumulated on belly.
Parvata asana- Makes the joints supple.
Supta vajra asana- Good stretching exercise for abdominal wall, back, shoulders and thighs.
Navka Asana
Nabhyasana- Reduces fat from the belly, improves functioning of digestive organs, strengthens lungs and heart.
Yogmudra - Good stretching exercises of the lower back, thigh and abdominal area.
Shavasana- Givesrelief fromstrain andfatigueandone feelsfresh.
Vajra asana - Exercise for abdominal wall, back, shoulders and thighs.
Ek Pad Vrittasana - It helps to reduce extra weight from thighs, increases flexibility of hip joint.
Duvi Pad Vrittasana - Good exercises for reducing extra weight, increases flexibility of hip joint
Utkatasana- Exercises arms, shoulders, abdominal muscles.
Kapaalbhati Kriya- eliminates all toxins via air passages, cleans the mind and body, food for fighting obesity.
Agnisar Kriya- Benefits the digestive organs, keeps the stomach light, Removes gas, constipation and good exercise for fighting obesity.
Drututtanpadasana- Reduces stomach flab, strengthens stomach muscles, tones digestive organs.
Urdhvahastottanasana- Good exercises for stomach, liver, intestine, helps digestive system, tones the spine and kidneys, eliminates waist and tummy flab, body’s elasticity is increased.
Trikonasana- Useful stretching exercise of waist and shoulders.
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